Hi friends…it’s almost weekend and I’m here with a very simple yet delicious item…Ghee Rice. Ghee Rice aka Neychor is an authentic Malabar dish I would say. Be it a small family gathering or a big party, ghee rice would be on the menu. Ghee rice is mainly prepared with short grained rice like jeerakashala or khaima also known as kunhari in some places. Alternatively you can prepare this with basmai rice as well. The fragrance of ghee and the blend of whole spices in it takes this rice to a whole new level. I believe cooking of rice is an art in itself. Even though this dish is very simple to make, you have to be very careful in each steps. This rice goes well with almost all the curries. And the combination of ghee rice with dal curry/paripp curry and chicken fry is heavenly.




4 cups of rice (jeerakashala/kaima/kunhari/basmati)
8 cups of water
1 small onion, thinly sliced
2 bay leaves
An inch piece of cinnamon
3 green cardmoms
5 cloves
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon whole black pepper (optional)
4 tablespoon ghee
4 tablespoon oil
Salt to taste



Wash and soak the rice for atleast 20 minutes.

Heat a large vessel. I prefer non-stick.

Add ghee and oil. You can use all ghee instead of oil if you prefer.

Add the whole spices. Adding black peppercorns is optional. I personally love the crunch of peppercorns in my rice.

When spices start to give out the aroma, add in the onions. When the onions turn pink, add the water and salt. Be careful not to burn the onions or else your rice will turn into brown colour.

When the water boils, add in the drained rice.

The rice will settle at the bottom. Keep the flame on medium high itself.


After a few minutes, you will be able to see the rice just below the water level.

At that point turn down the flame to the lowest, cover and cook till there is no trace of water left.

Be sure to stir the rice occasionally so that the rice gets cooked evenly.

Garnish with fried onions,cashews and raisins.

Serve with your favourite side dish.

Note :- There are different types of rice. Normally the rice water ratio is 1:2. That means 1 cup of rice will require 2 cups of water. But there are some rice that requires lesser quantity of water. The ratio would be 1:1.5. Recently i made kaula aged basmati rice with 2cups of water and it turned out to be “halwa”. But 1.5 cups were perfect. So whenever you are using a new rice, be sure to test it by making a small quantity first.





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