Calling all the spicy people out there … this is your dish. This recipe was passed on to me by my dear friend Juvariya. She calls herself as an amateur cook, but the food that she makes are absolutely mouth-watering. There are many more recipes to come in the future, InShaAllah, which I’ve learned from Juvariya. I’ve made a gravy version here, but my friend makes it the other way. She actually fries the chicken to the fullest. This is very simple to make and this gravy goes well with almost anything.



Chicken – 1kg

Onion  – 1 big

Tomato – 1 big

Green chillies  – 3

Garlic  – 3 cloves

Ginger  – 1 inch piece

Red chilli powder  –   2 teaspoons

Red chilli flakes   –  1 1/2 tablespoons

Salt   –   to taste

Vinegar   –   2 tablespoon

Water   –   1/2 cup

Oil   –   1/4 – 1/2 cup



Apart from cleaning and cutting chicken, chopping onion and tomatoes, the cooking process of this dish is very simple.

Dump all the ingredients except oil and chilli flakes in a pressure cooker.

Mix well and cook till it blows the first whistle.

Turn off the flame and let the pressure in the cooker evaporate by itself.

Now in a deep kadhai or a fry pan, pour in the oil.

Once the oil is heated add red chilli flakes. Saute for a couple of seconds.

Make sure you don’t burn it. 🙂

Now transfer the chicken mix to the pan and put flame on high.

Keep on stirring till you get the desired consistency.

Thats all…Spicy Chicken is ready to be served.

For the fried version, keep stirring on high flame till all the water gets evaporated.

Now.. my family members are more into gravies. My hubby, my kids, my bro, all need too much gravy.. 😀

Let me warn you…This chicken is really very spicy. If you can’t tolarate it , then please adjust the chilli flakes according to your spice level.

Happy cooking…



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