Saturday Morning Bakes : CUPCAKES

Hi friends.,


               I’ve been thinking of starting a baking series (for my happiness and satisfaction) for quite a sometime. But with 3 kiddies around, the young one being just 6 months old, nothing is happening as intended. I’ve named the series as Saturday Morning Bakes, as I find saturday to be more convenient for me.

               Even though I’ve started a series on baking, I’m still an amatuer baker. This will give me that much needed boost for baking. Today was a very busy day, and I didn’t get time to bake anything. Unfortunately I had nothing in my drafts as well. But somehow I wanted to start this series today itself for the sake of it. So here are some cupcakes that I baked a couple of days back.

               I’m so sorry that this is a no-recipe blogpost, as I was very busy today. These cupcakes are so simple to make. If you have a no-fail recipe of a sponge cake in hand, then you are good to go.

So go ahead and Bake A Cake…



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