ALHAMDULILLAH for all the blessings that He has showered upon me. I couldn’t have asked for more. But I guess greed is human nature. How much ever we have, we are not satisfied. We need more and more and more… Maybe not all are of that type, but some are…and do I come under that some. Well…I don’t know..but my hubby always says so.. 🙂 Maybe he is joking…hahha..

               It’s been almost 6 months that i’ve posted something here and this time the reason is something that gives me happiness. Yes, ALLAH has gifted us with a yet another bundle of joy, a baby girl and we’ve named her Hamna Fathima. Today she completes 4 months. How Fast !!!

               Now let’s get on with today’s recipe. It’s a simple Butter Chicken. I made this a couple of days ago and clicked some pics from my mobile. At the time of clicking I had no intention to blog about this. But after eating when everybody appreciated, it kind of gave me a motivation to do a blog post. In short, this is a tasty dish. Do give it a try.



Chicken   –   1kg

For Marination

Ginger-garlic paste   –   1 tablespoon
Lemon juice   –   1 tablespoon
Chilli powder   –   1 teaspoon
Garam masala   –   1/2 teaspoon
Salt   –   to taste
Yogurt   –   1/2 – 3/4 cup

For Gravy

Tomato   –   6-7 (big ripe juicy)
Green chilli   – 5-6
Butter   –   3 tablespoon
Bay leaf   –   1 big
Mace   –   2 piece
Ginger-garlic paste   –   1 tablespoon
Red chilli powder   –   1 1/2 teaspoon
Kasoori methi   –   1 teaspoon
Honey   –   1 tablespoon
Cashewnuts   –   25-30
Fresh cream   –   100 ml
Coriander leaves   –   for garnishing



Marinate the chicken with the ingredients listed under marination and refrigerate for atleast 2 hours.
Then shallow fry the chicken pieces and set aside.
Soak cashewnuts in hot water for half an hour and grind it to smooth paste.
Now blend the tomatoes and green chillies together.
Next, heat butter in a non stick saucepan. When the butter is melted add the bay leaf and mace. Do not burn the butter.
Now add ginger garlic paste and sautè for about 30 seconds.
Next, pour in the tomato green chilli mixture.
Add red chilli powder so that our gravy will have some colour.
Add kasuri methi. This will give a good flavour.
Add in some more butter if u wish. I did add at this point.
Cover and cook for about 5 minutes.
Now add the chicken pieces and mix well. Add lemon juice and honey or sugar and mix well. Cook in medium low heat for about 8-10 minutes.
Add in the cashew paste and mix well.
Finally add fresh cream and mix.
When it starts to boil, turn off the flame.
Butter chicken is ready.
Garnish with coriander leaves.



4 responses to “BUTTER CHICKEN

  1. Awww congrats for the baby girl.Lots of Duas for this coming Ramadan as well.Amazing curry.I love curry..Yours make me drool.I want to scoop all of that with some white fluffy rice.Please do say Hello too sometimes on my blog.Would love to connect x


  2. Assalamualaikum wrwb… Super congratulations on the baby dear mommy.. May Allah swt bless you n d baby loads..
    Loved your recipe.. Never tot of honey being added in the butter chicken..
    Well, me guesses… Honey in butter chicken = better chicken 😁
    Loadsa love


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