U.A.E National Day Celebration Cake



               Baking after a long long time. So I wanted it to be something special. And of course this is a special cake…rite ? This is for the first time I’m trying a surprise inside cake and I hope I have done justice to it. I was very much worried about how the cake would look after cutting, but I guess its quite nice.





               I hope you all know what’s a Surprise-Inside cake. It’s that when you cut the cake you’ll find a surprise inside, as you can see in my cake. A tiny UAE flag. I’ve done a lot of hardwork for this cake. I had to prepare a number of cakes for this. I made 3 white sponge cakes, 1 red, 1 green and 1 black. Altogether 6 cakes. I got this technique from my checkered cake.






                I’ve used my favourite Swiss meringue frosting for this cake and some fondant for decoration. And this is for the first time I’m working with fondant as well. And there were a couple of helping hands from various sources. Thanks to one and all.



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