Apart from me, junior masterchef has gone into my daughter’s head as well. Now she wants to cook. She is 5 ½ years old and do you think this is a suitable age to start cooking. Well…she insisted so much that I thought of giving it a go. I suggested her that we’ll make payasam and she readily agreed. I started searching for an easy payasam recipe and stumbled upon this one.

               We entered the kitchen and she started to eat my head. She kept on asking “wot should I do first”? I handed over the paneer and asked her to grate it slowly and carefully. And very enthusiastically she started to do it. Probably that’s the only thing that she did. And counted the almonds, cashews and pistachtios too. Oh wait… the most important thing that she did was stirring the milk patiently and continuously for almost 1 ½ hours. That needs quite a lot of patience which I think I lack. Can we expect more from a 5 year old ?

Anyways cooking with my daughter was a real fun for me. A good time pass.

Recipe adapted from

Serves 6-8. Depends on each one’s amount of consumption.



Milk   –   4 ½ cups

Condensed milk – ¾ cup

Paneer/cottage cheese, grated   –   1 ½ cups

Sago   –   ¼ cup (optional, I love sago in my Kheer )

Saffron   –   10-15 strands

Cardamom powder   –   ½ tsp or slightly less

Almonds   –   15

Pistachios   –   20

Cashew nuts   –   10



Roast all the nuts and chop it into small pieces.


Grate paneer and keep it aside.



Mix condensed milk with 2 tbsp of milk and keep it aside.


Heat a skillet and add milk. When the milk starts to boil, add sago and simmer until it reduces a little and becomes slightly thick. (it took almost I ½ hours for me)

Add condensed milk, saffron, cardamom powder and grated paneer and cook for another 5 minutes. Just give it a boil.

Switch it off and garnish with nuts. Allow it to cool.

Refrigerator and serve chilled.


Note – This kheer should not be too thick. In case, if the kheer becomes too thick, then add a little more milk.

Feel free to adjust sweetness according to your preference.


Linking this to Favourite Recipes – Payasam Kheer -Event hosted by Rafeeda of The Big Sweet Tooth and Zesty South Indian Kitchen


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