Harees/Hareesa is a Middle Eastern dish made with cracked wheat which is cooked along with meat or chicken. Its consistency is that of a porridge. Harees is a popular dish in the Arab countries and is normally made during Ramadan and Eid. And now it’s very much popular in Malabar areas as well and in Malabar areas Harees is known as Alsa. Here in our place no marriages or functions can go without delicious Harees. It’s normally served as a starter.


                I’d prepared this dish for the Eid which was last week. Mine was a simple and small menu. Harees, Mutton Biriyani, Chicken fry, Raita, Bell pepper salad, Kheer and yummy ripe papayas. And by the way – Belated EID MUBARAK to all.


Cracked wheat   –   ½ kg

Chicken   –   100 gms

Shallots   –   3

Cinnamon   –   2 piece

Clove   –   4

Cardamom powder   –   1 tsp

Ghee   –   50 gms

Salt   –   to taste

For garnishing

Onion   –   1, thinly sliced

Cashewnuts   –   10-15

Raisins (optional)   –   10-15



Soak the wheat overnight.

Fry onions, cashews and raisins separately in ghee till golden brown. Drain it to a kitchen towel.

Wash and drain the soaked wheat. Put it in a pressure cooker. Add chicken, shallots, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom powder. Add water double the wheat level. Add salt and cook. After the first whistle, lower the flame and cook for about 1 hour. (turn it to the lowest flame otherwise it would stick to the bottom of the pressure cooker).

Once it’s cooked, remove the bones of the meat if any and beat well with a wooden spatula. Beat till we get a nice and soft texture. Its texture is similar to that of a porridge. If it’s too thick in texture, add some hot water and mix well again.

Harees is ready.


Take a small serving dish and put some Alsa in it. Apply clarified ghee on top with a spoon and spread evenly. Garnish it with fried onions, cashews and raisins.



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