What if you have a sudden craving for cake in the evening for tea and u don’t have all that time to measure out the ingredients, and line a baking tin, and bake, and etc etc…Don’t worry. Here is an easy and simple cake which can be made very easily and this cake requires only very less ingredients. It’s a bread cake. I think kids will love it. Not just kids, even adults will love it. So let’s get on quickly to the procedure.


Bread slices   –   according to you pan size

Eggs   –   4

Milk   –   ½ cup

Sugar   –   2 tbsp

Milk powder   –   1 tbsp

Vanilla essence   –   1 tsp

Ghee   – 1 + ½ tsp



Cut off the edges of the bread and set aside. My pan was about 6 inches in diameter. So I took some 10 – 12 breads.


Blend eggs, milk, milk powder, sugar and vanilla essence in a juice machine and pour it on to a bowl.


Apply a teaspoon of ghee on the base and sides of a non stick pan.

Dip each bread in the egg-milk mixture and place it in the non stick pan. Cut smaller pieces of bread to fill the base of the round pan.


Make three such layers with the bread.

Pour rest of the egg-milk mixture on top of it.

Cover the pan and cook it in the lowest flame for about 35 – 40 minutes.

When it’s done, heat a fry pan and apply ½ tsp ghee. Invert the cake onto the fry pan and cook for another 5 minutes.


Bread Cake is ready to be served. So easy and simple rite…


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