Wondering what I’ve been doing all these months…??? Even I don’t know… life became sooo busy that I didn’t have time for anything… 4 months…can u believe… I haven’t touched my blog for more than 4 months now… But from here on, slowly and steadily, I need to start over…

                By now you might have understood my love for cakes…and today being my anniversary how will I survive without making one… Yes, you heard it rite, today is my 9th Wedding Anniversary… 9 years of togetherness, trust and love…(hope my hubby agrees with this)




                      This time I wanted to make a Tiramisu Cake. I’ve heard and read so many good reviews about this cake, but unfortunately never tasted it. So I sat down to google it and found so many results.. Most of the cake recipes were adapted from Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan. I thought i would also go with it. I’ve been dreaming of making this cake for so long now, but as usual, I would always fall short of one or the other ingredient. This recipe calls for mascarpone cheese and whipping cream, which is not readily available here. Well…mascarpone cheese can be made at home with fresh cream and here is a very good explanation from cakes and more… I made exactly this way and it turned out to be very tasty… Ironically I haven’t tasted the original mascarpone cheese as well….would love to taste it some day… InShaAllah…




                        Now the next big thing is the whipping cream… After months and years of waiting, finally I managed to get a pack of whipping cream…phew…

                       The flavour that stands out in this cake is of coffee…and in case if you don’t know, I’m a huge coffee-holic as well… This cake particularly calls for instant espresso powder which costs the moon… Basically the money that goes into making a cake is certainly heart-wrenching.  Seriously…I mean, we would just need 1 tbsp or 1 cup of most of the ingredients and we will have to buy the whole pack for it and that’s really painful. And only a delicious and tasty cake can compensate that pain… And I believe, this cake was quite a big success at my home. 🙂




                       At last but not the least, this cake has got one more thing which is my favourite and that’s chocolate… This cake has it all…Coffee, Cream and Chocolate. Actually I didn’t like the idea of dusting the cake with cocoa powder. I chose grated chocolate instead…and I bet that choice wasn’t bad… YUMMY… Here is a slice for u all  🙂





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