Actually last week I made this cake as a compensation. Didn’t get what I meant? I’ll explain. 2 weeks ago was my son’s first birthday (march 23rd). There was no much celebration, but then what’s a birthday without a cake? I wanted to make a Chocolate Moist Cake and started to search for a good recipe. From loads of recipes, I finally managed to select one. I baked it. The cake came out so well that I just loved it. It looked great, but I was so soo disappointed with the taste of it. And on top of that, the icing that I made for the cake was also a big flop. This has never happened to me in the recent past. But I won’t blame the recipe for this disaster, coz u know wot? I actually found out what went wrong. My new pack of cocoa powder was the actual villain (and to my bad luck, I bought a whole kg of that cocoa powder…arghhh…). So I’m making a checkered cake for the sake of it, u know, as a compensation. And that to, with my favourite icing, buttercream and chocolate glaze…yum…


i know the glaze doesn’t look good. it turned out to be thicker than i needed

                                   For me, making this cake includes a lot of process. I’ve seen cake pans in which checkered cake can be easily made, but I love this way. I love all those buttercream in between… So let’s get started… We need two sponge cakes for this, a black and a white. If you are preparing this for any occasion, I recommend you to bake the cakes a day ahead. That will be more convenient.


White sponge cake (9” cake tin)

Egg                 –   375 g

Sugar             –   215 g

Flour              –   135 g

Corn starch   –   40 g

Butter            –   60 g

Milk                –  40 ml


Black sponge cake (9” cake tin)

Egg                   –   375 g

Sugar               –   215 g

Flour                –   115 g

Corn starch     –    20 g

Cocoa powder –   40 g

Butter              –   40 g

Milk                  –   40 ml


Butter          –    400 g

Egg white    –   230 g

Sugar           –   230 g

Chocolate Glaze

Dark chocolate   –   300 g

Fresh cream        –   400 ml


First, prepare the cake pan. Cut out stripes of baking paper for the sides and a round sheet of baking paper for the bottom.

Since we need two cakes, we’ll prepare and bake one sponge cake after the other.

Sponge Cake


Measure all the ingredients and keep it ready.


Start beating the eggs and sugar in a large bowl over a double boiler.

Keep beating until the mixture reaches 38-40°C (slightly above our body temperature, check with ur finger), then take the bowl away from heat.


Keep beating the eggs until the mixture is very light and foamy. This takes time, so be patient. Beat for almost 10 minutes. You will also notice that the color changes from orange to yellow and (almost) white.

Fold in the sifted flour and corn starch.

Add the warm milk and melted butter and mix with a spatula. Don‘t overmix or the batter will lose its consistency. (take milk and butter in a small bowl and place it on the hot water that we used for double boiling so that the butter melts, or you can melt the butter in a microwave)

 Pour the sponge cake batter into the cake pan and tap the pan on the table to release large air bubbles in the batter.

 Bake for 35-40 minutes in your pre-heated oven at 190°C (374°F). To test if the cake is done, insert a skewer in the centre of the cake. If the skewer comes out clean, your cake is ready, otherwise bake it for another 5 minutes.

While the white sponge cake is in the oven, start preparing the black sponge cake. The steps are exactly the same, except that you add cocoa powder together with the flour and corn starch.

 After baking, invert the sponge cake(s) on a wire rack. Let them cool down completely.

You now have the two sponge cakes for the checkered cake…



With a wire whisk whip the egg whites and sugar in a clean bowl over double boiler for at least 3 minutes.  Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved. Rub with your finger to test it.

Remove the bowl from the heat and keep beating the egg whites to stiff peaks (for abt 10 mnts).

Add butter cubes one at a time and beat until incorporated.

The mixture might look curdled, but it’ll be fine after continuous beating.

If you have any leftover buttercream, refrigerate it in an airtight container.

You can store it upto 3-5 days.

Slicing the cake

Trim the top of each sponge cake, then cut it into two slices using a large knife (with serrated edge).

Now, for cutting the rings (smaller circles), what I did was…..

…drew 3 circles of 9 inches, 6 inches and 3 inches diameter with the centre point being the same in a butter paper. Cut the paper through the line and you’ll get 3 paper pieces.

Next, place it on top of the cake slice.


And cut through the edge of the paper piece with a sharp knife.


I hope you can understand.

Replace the middle rings from the white sponge layers with the middle rings from the black sponge layers and vice versa.

Stack the sponge cake layers and put them aside.

Assembling the cake

Now it‘s time to assemble the checkered cake.

Start with the bottom outer ring.


Apply a little buttercream to the inner edge and add the middle ring.


Again apply some buttercream and put the smallest ring.


For the next layer also add one ring after the other, using the buttercream to glue the pieces together. Without the buttercream, the cake would fall apart, when you cut the pieces, later.


Add a thin layer of buttercream on top of each sponge cake layer.


You will end up with this look.

After stacking all four layers of sponge cake rings, coat the top and sides with buttercream.


Put the cake in the freezer for at least two hours.

Chocolate glaze

Place chopped dark chocolate in a large metal bowl. Heat the fresh cream and add it to the chopped chocolate.

Stir the mixture until the chocolate is fully dissolved in the cream. Then, stir a little more, just to be sure.

Set aside for cooling.

Wait until the chocolate glaze cooled down a little and thickened.

Take the checkered cake out of the freezer and place it on a wire rack on top of a large bowl.


Pour the chocolate glaze over the cake and the sides of the cake.

Level the surface with a palette knife, then wait until the chocolate glaze solidifies.

Carefully place the cake on a cake plate and decorate as you like.(I left it plain though)




linking this to Vardhini’s bake fest and thou shalt cook




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