Tri-layered egg delight. I wonder how that name came into my mind. Maybe because it has got three layers obviously, and it has got eggs in it. This dish is very colourful as you can see. Whenever I make this egg delight, people often ask me ‘what is it actually’? Is it a cake or a pudding. Well…, lemme tell you that it’s basically steamed egg with slight variations. I normally have this at tea-time. For that, I start preparing in the morning itself. Since it has got 3 layers it takes lot of time to get cooked. I think it tastes better once it’s cooled down.


 (tried to be creative in terms of presentation. i know the ribbon bow is a little out of place)


(these are for one layer, which means u’ll need 3 batches of these)

  1.   Egg   –   2
  2.   Sugar   –   2 tbsp
  3.   Milk powder   –   2 tbsp
  4.   Milk   –   a little less than ¼ cup
  5.   Custard powder   –   1 tsp
  6.   Vanilla essence   –   3-4 drops
  7.   Food colour   –   2 different colours (I used ‘raspberry red’ and ‘green’)



Step 1

Prepare the loaf tin by greasing butter. Skip this step if using a non stick tin. I used an aluminium loaf tin. So I applied butter and lined it with baking paper and applied butter again on top of it(so that my final product doesn’t stick to the tin).


Step 2

Prepare a steamer big enough to hold the loaf tin in it.


Step 3

For first layer

Blend the ingredients from 1 – 6 in a juice machine. Pour it in the previously greased loaf tin and transfer the loaf tin on to the steamer. Cover and let it get steamed and cooked well. It should be firm.


Step 4

Prepare the second layer batter in the meantime. Repeat the previous process (step 3) by adding a few drops of red colour to it. Now carefully open the lid of the steamer and check whether the first layer is set or not. If it’s set, then slowly pour the second layer over it. Otherwise keep it for some more time.


Step 5

Now prepare the third layer batter by adding green colour to it. Check whether second layer is set or not. It will take time to set, so be patient. Pour the third layer over and steam again. It will take more time, so be more patient. When all the layers are completely done, remove from the steamer. Let it cool and cut into square pieces…




Pramitha love cooking celebrating 1st blog anniversary




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