So… 2012 is gone and 2013 is in… how fast the days are passing by…. It’s like it was just last month that we welcomed 2012 and now it’s over…and most probably that would be the case with 2013 as well…
     And in this very short span of our lives let’s take some time and make something Sweet and Eat… I’m starting this year with a sweet and simple Tender Coconut Pudding…


Tender coconut pulp  –   of 2
Condensed milk         –   1 tin
China grass               –   10 gms
Tender coconut water –   1½ cups
Sugar                         –   ¾ cup
Milk                            –   ½ litre




Blend tender coconut pulp and condensed milk.
Melt china grass in tender coconut water.
Take a heavy bottomed saucepan, add milk and sugar and boil. 
When it starts to boil, add the blended item to it and let it boil nicely.
Remove from the gas top.
Strain the melted china grass to this mixture and mix well.
Allow it to cool.
Refrigerate and serve cold.


    • hi priya…..actually i first soak the china grass. here i’ve used tender coconut water, so i first soaked it in it for abt 10-15 minutes and then boiled it. keep it in low flame and stir continuously. make sure the water is not too less…the mixture shouldn’t be too thick…hope u get it rite next time…


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